Appointment Announcement

Assistant of MarCom & Branding

Michelle Chen

Miss Michelle Chen is from Taiwan, and she went to Vancouver, Canada to continue her high school and university studies in 2004. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor degree in 2012. After her graduation, she headed to China to look for job opportunities, and she started her first job at a foreign-capital enterprise where she was responsible for personnel management and the promotion and publicity of the company’s image. Therefore, her skills of communication and marketing have been well shaped back then. In the beginning of 2015, she got an offer from a local real estate company, which was urgently in need of talents with overseas experience to help with the corporation’s transformation. She had the opportunity to first enter the hospitality industry and represented the owner to meet with hotel management companies and Execute business negotiations.

For a woman who has been away from her hometown for many years, Miss Chen has stayed in many hotels, and she has been very interested in the operation, marketing and services of the hotel industry. Being influenced by both Western and Asian culture, she has integrated the western focus on processes and team work and Asian’s meticulousness/perfection to apply in her work. We believe that she will maximize her personal value in the hospitality industry in the future.

On the 6th of September, 2015, Miss. Michelle Chen joined in Paxton Hotel Management Group, and takes the role of Assistant of MarCom & Branding.

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