Travel Channel "Travel & Life” column, Finding the most beautiful Liangshan symbol

On April 27th, the Travel Channel "Travel & Life” column and Paxton Vacances Resort Qionghai Bay Xichang reached a strategic partnership, and contract signing ceremony was held on the day. This strategic cooperation received a wildly attention. As the most beautiful wetland hotel, Paxton Vacances Resort Qionghai Bay Xichang is chosen as the first most beautiful symbol of Liangshan, which is not only a fashion sense, at the same time embodies the unique Liangshan local culture.

Mr. Mao Weiyang, the show producer said the “ Love in Liangshan” series, aimed to love and to find the most beautiful liangshan symbols, and  Paxton Vacances Resort Qionghai Bay Xichang is a perfect interpretation of the concept. Compared to former travel variety show, this time it is a combination of fashion and tradition, with inputting more minority elements, which enhance the vigor and vitality for the show, making a not well-known city with scenery, folk customs, food into  people’s sight.

Ms Jiao ChenChen, the program producer, revealed the column group chose "Lovein liangshan"  as the main line, and the show will be filmed in eating, living, traveling, entertainment and fashion aspects of liangshan. Besides, this column also actively plan for the local hospital about “the Home of Leukemia” charity. Finding the most beautiful Xichang symbol show is on its way.

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