Paxton and Health

On May 1st, 2015, Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group CEO Mr. Harry Hua signed the management contact with Ms. Ou Yan who is the Chairman of Chongqing Longyan Industrial Group on its 5th anniversary celebration ceremony. 

Chongqing Longyan Industrial Group owns 7 healthy industry subsidiaries. Issara by Paxton emphasizes personality and difference; combining local history and culture, take “Unique” feeling to the guests. What can we expect when health industry and Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group meets? 

Issara by Paxton locates at river side business district. Accompany with its favorable location, Issara by Paxton planning to be the 1st hotel has water health club; the 1st hotel operates water café and the 1st hotel equip with infinity swimming pool. Moreover, Paxton‘s “By Your Side” service concept not only provides the guest memorable, personalized service, but also respects guests’ privacy. With all these elements, Issara by Paxton is shaping the 1st “Unique” health theme brand hotel image.

Now, all these personalized health experience and elegant, romantic elements will be presented at Issara by Paxton for our guest to enjoy amazing and "Unique" experience. 

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