Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group Taking Its Future Development into Thailand

Harry Hua, Chief Executive Officer of Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group, was invited to Bangkok, Thailand by Now Travel Asia and signed the official cooperative agreement. Paxton will strive to promote and develop its brands and hotels with Now Travel Asia in the Southeast Asia Region. Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group was originated in France and entered China in 2010. It has had over 1500 hotel guest rooms, and it is looking to increase the number of guest rooms to 8000 by 2017. Mr. Harry Hua was appointed as the Vice Chairman Grand China, while Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group was affirmed as the Vice Chairman Enterprise to support and assist in-China developments and affairs.

It was said by Mr. Harry Hua that“Thailand has a great attraction on its tropical weather and Buddhism culture, and Chiengmai is the place where people can really experience the Thai culture. With the opening of the direct flights between Chengdu and Chiengmai, Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations of the Southwest region as well as one of the key components of Paxton’s future development.” According to the Thai official news resources, Paxton hotels are expected to launch in Chiengmai this year. 

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