“City’s Love · Happiness for 3 Yuan”—A Visit to Liangshan

After “City’s Love · Happiness for 3 Yuan” Golf Charity Contest was held, City FM 102.6 program staffs and love ambassadors Yu, Kewei and Kong, Lingqi arrived at Xichang Qionghai Bay Paxton Vacances Resort at 12 noon on October 21st. They began their 3-day Liangshan children visit right after they briefly unpacked and ate. The COO and Marketing Director of Xichang Qionghai Bay Paxton Vacances Resort also represented Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group to go to Liangshan with City FM to show solicitude.

City FM 102.6 program staffs, love ambassadors, and Xichang Qionghai Bay Paxton Vacances Resort’s senior managers visited Liangshan Renshou Village Elementary School. They brought daily supplies, toys, snacks, and other things that those children can’t even afford to think of everyday. The love ambassadors read, sang, and answered questions together with the kids, and they cooked and assigned lunch to the kids at noon.

During the event, love ambassador Yu, Kewei had her birthday on the 22nd, but she chose to spend her birthday with the kids on Liangshan. This birthday may not have families’ and friends’ company; this birthday may not have delicate cake, but the warmth that Yu, Kewei received from the kids was profound. This kind of “Warmth of Heart” can’t be encountered in daily life, so this charity event made her birthday more meaningful than ever.

Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group has been enrolled in  “City’s Love · Happiness for 3 Yuan” Charity Event since 2013. Paxton is looking forward to contributing to the society during it rapid development in Asia. Paxton will continue participating in charities by encouraging Paxton hotels and Paxton members to donate and raise for “Paxton 1 Yuan Charity Fund”, and Paxton is now preparing to visit elder care facilities by the end of this year. Paxton will act to warm this cold winter!

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