Paxton is coming across the “Silk Road”

China International TravelMart (CITM) is the largest professional travel mart in Asia. It has drawn theattention of people in tourism industry worldwide. As an annual event, it isheld in Shanghai and Kunming alternately. CITM 2015 will be held in KunmingDianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center from November 13 toNovember 15, 2015, attracting people from 105 countries. Historical attraction ofthe Silk Road in western China has become a national and international theme ofthe exhibition.

In addition to an impressiveexhibition and trading results, the more important is to enhance diplomatic travelachievements and Yunnan status in the international tourism arena. This time 24vice-ministerial guests from 20 countries, such as Belarus, India, Thailand,Indonesia, Tonga, South Africa, Hungary, Cambodia and others, as well as theUnited Nations World Tourism Organization, the Pacific Asia Travel Association,the South Pacific Tourism Organization, and more than 130 overseas guests were invitedand attended a series of activities.This year's guest of honor country is India. CITM 2015 introduced policymeasures of China's tourism development outcomes and governmental tourismdevelopment in recent years, elaborated development of China and othercountries’ mutually beneficial tourism cooperation policy, proposed tostrengthen international and regional tourism cooperation, and got positiveresponses.

Paxton Vacances Hotels &Resorts – Xichang along with the Tourism Bureau of Liangshan Prefecture (Sichuan)presented the exhibition in Xichang. Paxton entered Chinese market in 2010 and inheritedEuropean service concepts, combining the essence of the local market culturewith professional, innovative ideas to get investors' attention and favor, and withits rich tourism resources, unique climate and unique geographicalenvironment took part in China International Travel Mart.

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