Harley-Davidson ride around Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts in Xichang

Past Saturday Xichang city filled not only with satellite launch sound, but also with the hum of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Coming from Kunming and Chengdu, motorcycles owners got together and rode their cars along the coast of Qionghai Bay in Xichang.

While Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities were gradually covered by a snowy shroud, Xichang weather pleased inhabitants with its warm and fresh air, and gave Paxton guests a chance to enjoy fascinating scenery. 

Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts - Xichang is a holiday resort located on the shore of the Qionghai Lake, and famous for its cultural landscapes and a unique natural beauty of perfection. The hotel has a gym, an infinity edge pool, SPA, KTV, a grill bar, moon bar, Wetland Park road biketour, and other kinds of indoor and outdoor recreational activities to enrich your holiday life and help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sun, beaches, wetlands, and feel the harmony with nature.

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