Paxton Academy

Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group saw an opportunity and took it during the hospitality management industry boom in China, after they realized that the demands of customers are far beyond a simple bed and a complimentary breakfast, but are wide and encompassing of all that is luxurious and beyond the norm during holidays, business trips or any other type of a getaway. Through this, Paxton grew to its high status we can see today. The Paxton hotel chains in China incorporate a Western essence into their services, creating an atmosphere that focuses on each individual’s ability to serve guests on all levels. Recently, the Paxton Academy was founded which now supports the education and training of new fledglings in the world of hospitality, and offering a wide range of new opportunities.

The new Paxton Academy, which was founded in early 2015, offers arrange of scholarships, tuition waivers and job opportunities for students in hospitality. In addition to that, Paxton has created its very own “Paxton Class” that combines practical training alongside the regular base training that comes as standard with hospitality courses, in order to help develop a superior class of potential hotel management, who are qualified for outstanding international hotel service and management abilities. For any Paxton graduate, priority of an employment is given in all Paxton hotels and their affiliates. Through their education, they have already become Paxton elites, avoiding their training needed for new employees to meet the highest standards Paxton aspires towards. In just one year alone, Paxton has been affiliated with several colleges across China to reach a common ground of benefits and growth in the hospitality industry. In just eight months, Paxton Academies have been established in Xichang College, The Urban Vocational College of Sichuan and Panzhihua College, all with their own personal affiliated hotel in the same city, where students are granted access for training and advanced study, and graduates have the opportunity to work. Each of these locations offers not only educational services, but helps build a platform for future development of the colleges as well. Each affiliate hotel also offers its spaces to hold forums and other events that further develop current student’s abilities or the interest of potential enrollees. The rapid growth of the hotel industry in China has serious implications on the quality of service if such programs as the Paxton Academy do not appear. To maintain high standards across all Paxton hotels, guesthouses and apartment hotels, Paxton needs to keep the levels of service high through setting the bar via its new educational programs. Paxton is continually looking for more and more colleges to affiliate within order to keep up its development of the hotel industry in China. Their cultivation and supply of skilled hotel managers with a class above and beyond is a key motivator for Paxton to fully support and grow its new and incredibly unique Paxton Academy.

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