Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, School of Piano, Professor Yao Lan in Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Xichang

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Piano Master – Yao Lan

Yao Lan is a graduate of Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, School of Piano, and a famous young pianist. She won eight top competitions in Britain, and received recognition of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Zhaoxing. The former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and the former president of the American Curtis Institute of Music famous pianist Gary Graffman highly appreciated her superb skills. Such an amazing talent let Yao Lan become a performer of a famous modern British composer John Ireland’s piano new album and a British composer John Field nocturne. British paper 《TODAY》 named her an “Outstanding performer” and 《CHINA DAILY》named her as a “China's rising piano star”. December 19, 2015, Yao Lan with her brilliant achievements performed in Xichang City at Torch Plaza Golden Eagle Theatre, opening 2016 Xichang spring musical feast. Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Xichang became an official partner hotel of the concert.

Yao Lan emotional performance

To organize the concert successfully, the organizers carefully checked and prepared all the details, including stage, lighting, sound equipment and security.

All seats were occupied, and Yao Lan’s nimble fingers didn’t miss even a single piano key, one by one creating beautiful notes and turning them into a wonderful melody, and it seemed that every sound had its own story. After the performance, Professor Yao Lan held piano seminars for young people and the audience and told about the main tips of playing the piano.

Yao Lan In Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Xichang

Paxton Vacances was the official hotel of the event. Director of operations Max Wang warmly welcomed Yao Lan at the lobby. Miss Yao Lan stayed two days at the hotel and expressed appreciation for the hotel's services. Paxton tirelessly serves every guest and wants Paxton people move forward together. This is not for the hotel approval, but also for encouraging people.

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