Environmental protection for earth, more beauty for world

Environmental protection for earth, more beauty for world

Nothing is more beautiful than the nature. Morning sunlight above mountains, sunset glow beyond lake, twinkling stars and moon, we feel the most beautiful scenery.

April 19th-26th,2014,the 45 world earth day was hold at Paxton Vacances Resort Qionghai Bay Xichang. In this activity week, the hotel advertised energy conservation and environmental protection concept to the public, foreign tourists and internal staffs and invited everybody to take part in the activity.

At 8:00-9:00pm on April 19th to 26th, our hotel adapt kinds of measure to save energy,such as turning off lights outside, dimming or turning off unnecessary indoor lighting, use candles at some public place like bar and restaurant.

At 8:00pm everyday, hotel appeal guests to turn off electrical equipment and go to watch documentaries which be filmed by French film Master, Jacques Perrin. Guests can feel the heartshaking power from the poetical describe of nature and life.

Those guests who take private bathroom goods can enjoy room rate discount. Hotel staffs participate in the activity to clean QiongHai Lake on the 26th morning, which means the world earth day was finished successfully.

Cultivate good habits to save energy, such as turning off unnecessary lighting, will contribute more power for Environmental protection. The world will become more beautiful if everybody can have a share in the environmental protection.

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