Mr. Harry Hua gives interview for

Mr.Harry Hua gives interview for reporter interviewed Mr. Harry Hua, Paxton Chief Executive Officer.

In the interview Mr.Harry discusses the ongoing problems of the hotel industry, what kind of difficulties the owners of the hotels can face, and what was the distinguishing feature of the Paxton hotels.

The hotel business steps into the process of homogenization, and just the natural environment cannot be copied or duplicated.

Nowadays, tourism industry is flourishing; Hotels and Resorts have grabbed the major share of the market. However, until that time, there was no strict and clear separation of Resort hotels and General hotels. According to the generally accepted standards, the hotels, located in the natural area and providing tourism services, may be considered as Resort hotels.

So, what is the special feature of these hotels? Are they all following a blueprint and made absolutely in the same manner? Mr. Harry Hua rejects this point of view and considers that Resort hotels, located in the one natural environment or another, cannot be duplicated.

The hotel market doesn't feel the lack of good quality hotels. Taking a good chance, the hotels appear one after another. But, in that case, what’s more important is avitality and continuity.

Touching upon the uniqueness and special characteristics of Paxton hotels, the Chief Executive Officer pays a special attention to the following features.

At first, the project itself can look similar to the others, but the natural environment, landscape and scenery are absolutely unrepeatable. Our hotels use a geographical advantage and cultural aspects as well to develop its uniqueness.

The hotels are located in such cities as Chengdu, Sanya, Jiuzhaigou and others. These are the second-tier and third-tier cities. But when it comes to the tourism ranking, these are the frontline resort cities, what represents a promising potential market for your business. Why did the choice fell on these cities? The first reason is a favorable climate.The second is the amount of sunlight you need to maintain your health. And the final reason is insignificant changes in air temperature throughout the year. Thus, these cities are different from the rest.

Cultural aspects present a main supplementary feature, as well. Paxton was founded in France. And the local elements and integration of local cultures provide abasic structure.Properly give up your own descent is a smart move. It lets visitors enjoy an exotic hotel to the fullest.

Answering the question what is missing or lacking, Harry Hua said that to choose a place for the construction is not so much of a challenge. The main issue is a lack of time.

The life is going fast and the customers are limited in time, what makes them glance over different tourist destinations hurriedly. Such rush and limits significantly drag down a living rate of the hotels the visitors choose.

Furthermore, East China and West China differ from each other. The East part accumulates the historical and cultural experience, while the West part is full of mystery elements and uncharted trails. That is why the West side is full of self driving tours, and travel routes and terms are longer, what gives travelers the opportunity to deep their touristic experience.

Speaking of the technology and conveniences, the Executive Chief Officer has repeatedly mentioned about the concept of “Internet +” and “Internet -”. Business hotels and the Internet are inextricably linked, whereas the Internet in Resort hotels can receive less attention. The reason is that Business hotels are mostly located in developing economic areas, and technologies are extremely important there. As for Resort hotels, the main idea of which is to “Be yourself”, “Explore yourself”, Internet here can be found only in the special Wi-Fi zones. In that case, addition and subtraction is a reasonable choice in making a clear line between Business hotels and Resort hotels.

Lack of space and overcrowded cities let Resort hotels still be popular. However, the market is full, and since the end of the 20th century, the time when lots of foreign corporations rushed into the Chinese space, the space has been getting narrower. Therefore, the role of these companies shouldn’t be underestimated, and the time you are trying tochoose a convenient place for building a new hotel, do not just blindly follow everything large and all inclusive.

Resort Hotels, explained Mr. Harry Hua, give you a chance to explore the world deeply; be yourself, extend two generations to three generations, open the window, look at the clouds and mountains, enjoy the fresh air, and at that moment you will understand that this is the most wonderful thing in the world.

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