Planting and cultivating trees activity in Paxton

Enjoying the breath of spring, don’t forget to make your own contribution to the greening of the nature. Recently, Paxton Park Hotel Manager together with more than 30 other employees participated planting and cultivating trees activity.

Continuing the tradition Paxton started last year, the hotel promotes environment protection and takes environmental measures.

At the beginning of this year, day by day Chengdu weather is getting worse and more polluted, and due to the heavy smog, everyone wants to satisfy such simple needs, as breathing fresh air and enjoying a blue sky, so that the main slogan of the hotel says: “Easily breathing under the blue dome”. Planting trees is not only to beatify the environment and improve air quality, but also to improve atmospheric conditions, so to say achieve two things at one stroke: it is both a debt to society, and our responsibility. Paxton Park is full of willingness to take practical actions for planting trees and greening the homeland to make our land more shining and lively.

“Every year at the Arbor Day we are planning to organize employees to participate at the environmental activities to make our own contribution to the greening of the cities, - said. - We are going to follow the idea of creating an eco-friendly atmosphere and energy saving through the hotel's daily operations, and hope that we can raise awareness of environmental protection, refuse haze, and make an effort to create a low-carbon life”.

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