Paxton and Raycom Real Estate strong cooperation – Paxton Vacances Hotel & Resort Sanya


If you are looking for a vacation, especially for a domestic short-term vacation, Sanya hot spot is definitely the first choice. Blue sea and silver sand of that place brings lots of Masterpieces, and here is the result of Paxton and Raycom Real Estate strong cooperation Paxton Vacances Hotel & Resort Sanya! December, 2016, we will unveil this amazing project.


柏栎酒店(Paxton Vacances Hotel & Suites)品牌创始于法国本土,已有40多年的历史,来自法国的柏栎酒店品牌,旗下拥有柏栎城市酒店、柏栎度假酒店、柏宜酒店和柏栎主题酒店。以“伴、归、温、卓”的四大元素体验分别融汇其中。满足旅客跨越了商旅、度假、全家出行、文化主题的需求,以耳目一新的设计概念,无微不至的服务理念,浪漫细腻的法式情调广受赞誉。

Paxton Hotel (Paxton Vacances Hotel & Suites) originally comes from French; it has 40 years of history, and has four brands in operation: Paxton Park, Paxton Vacances, Suiton by Paxton and Issara by Paxton. The profound meaning of Paxton became Paxtons core concepts – “Partner, Natural, Warm, and Unique. The brand meets the demands of business customers, leisure travelers, and families, providing guests with its modern design, meticulous service and exquisite romantic French style.


As an international five-star hotel, Paxton follows French romantic trends, and offer individual services to bring its guests a pleasant experience. We do our best to give customers a warm welcome, and let them feel relaxing fragrance during their stay at the hotel.


Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast, and we offer our guests an opportunity to relax their mind and body, and be yourself in the natural surroundings. And if you throw off the burden of care from the back, only that time you will be able to completely immerse yourselves in the wonderful world of traveling. From the first step, you will feel the wealth and exquisite of the resort that let you step into another world of calm and relaxation.


At the end of this year, Paxton Vacances Hotel & Resort Sanya is waiting for you to make together a start for an incomparable journey. This is a vacation residence, property, business area, and one of the first Sanya family vacation complexes, located in Sanyacity at the new center of Yingbin Road area, and collects many rare resortliving resources: Phoenix Ridge, Wetland Park, and various markets.


Paxton is creating a five-star hotel style garden, overlooking the mountain landscapes, and let you enjoy the combination of the traditional French style and Chinese patterns.


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