Ground-breaking ceremony of Paxton Vacances Resort Chuanzhu

June 16, ground-breaking ceremony of Paxton Vacances Resort Chuanzhu was held successfully. Chairman of Royal View International Limited, Mr. B.K.Tan, together with David Wong, Eric Lee and vice chairman Mr. Nimazu attended the ceremony.

Paxton Vacances Resort Chuanzhu combines hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants and other resources. It is located in the way to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, which will bring convenience to touristsp. We believe that it will become a heavenly treasure in the western Sichuan.


Mr. B.K.Tan and Mr. David Wong expressed their willingness to see the final result of the project, they are willing to start a new journey with Paxton as well.

We believe the ceremony will bring luck to the future of Paxton Vacances Resort Chuanzhu, this is designed by Kernel Design Group (Shanghai), owning more than 1000 rooms and will become the biggest Paxton hotel in the region.

Mr. Tan Boon Keong (Mr. B.K. Tan), the Chairman for Royal View International Limited as well as Khazanah Jaya Group, is a successful Chinese entrepreneur from Malaysia. Khazanah Jaya Group is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, with businesses span from East to West of Malaysia, covering various industries including real estate, hospitality, education, and international trading. Mr. B.K. Tan began to grow his business empire internationally as early as in 2007, through his investment company in Hong Kong - Royal View International Limited, by venturing into a hotel and real estate project in West China. Mr. B.K. Tan upholds the traditional virtues of Chinese businessmen, modest and low profile, yet bold and innovative; he is conscientious when it comes to details in both business and work, the proverb "a promise made is a promise kept" is his motto and key to success in business.

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