Grow with Paxton

With the further expansion of Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group , the demand for talents is increasing day by day.To build excellent sales team, to further improve the marketing personnel in the marketing communication skills in the work, enhance the earnings management skills, expand the work mentality, Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group on July 28 to 29 held for two days of earnings management and sales skills training, chengdu embellish and cedar oak city hotel, dazhou ginkgo oak parker hotel, kangding hotel, cherry oak parker hydrosols bay resort, xichang bay oak parker qionghai lake resort you sell the backbone gathered in chengdu hotel took part in the training.

Mr. Kadi (France), resident manager of bai li Ming hotel, and Ms. Zhang zhi, sales director of bai li hotel management group, who are preparing for the special invitation, are the lecturers.During the training, Mr. Kadi taught some skills of time management and customer management through various forms and data analysis, while Ms. Zhang zhi vividly taught the skills of customer visit, communication and agreement to all the students through role playing.

Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group CEO and Brand Co-Founder of CenterParcs By Paxton Mr. Harry Hua, also came to the training site and spoke highly of the good results achieved in the income management and sales skills training.He also hopes that all salesmen will combine the traditional sales with the Internet big data era, integrate the platform, keep innovating and expand the market.Let the spirit and values of cypress and oak guide us along the way.

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