Let’s have a buddhist-style trip.



Back up the bags and go on a buddhist-style trip like Tourism Frog. The Spring Festival is coming soon; there is a buddhist-style tourism destination for you --‘floral water bayhot spring’. Soak in a hot spring, watch the snow view and drink a cup of teato find the mind peace. 


Drink a pot of wine with flowers; take a break for half day


Gate up late, soak in a hot spring


The wake up time of buddhist-style tourists isunlimited. Moreover, they can enjoy the hot spring whenever they want andadmire views of forests and Serdang snow mountain to escape fromthe pressure of life or work, you will be calmer.


No plan and go anywhere you want


Buddhist-style tourists do not have any particular destination or plan. The grand Serdang snow mountain is not far away.Climb mountain, ski and have snowball fights, then watch the wild forest,innumerable precious plants and water falls to be closer with natural art


For travel, the happiness and the comfortare most important


A quiet and elegant hotel will cause your buddhist-styletrip to be more enjoyable. Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Sakura canensure it. In the buddhist-style surrounding, be yourselves.


Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Sakura is located in the center of floral water bay, hence you can enjoy the best hot pring and view. Every garden and corner is elegant. After soak the hot spring,have a traditional Chinese style massage, you will not be puzzled by any difficulty.


The hotel does not have any high building. Seven villas are located in order to make sure guests can watch views from every room. All rooms decorated in traditional Chinese style are quiet. In the buddhist-style surrounding, be yourselves.


Additionally,children are born with buddhist-style, thus, the hotel prepares campers for them designedly. They can be closer with the nature and freer to experience different life.


The Sichuan restaurant choosing organic ingredients, the outdoor log fire and BBQ will increase the interest for your trips. Meanwhile, the hotel has completed business and entertainment facilities. Meeting rooms have different sizes,the biggest one can include 200 people, and the smallest can include 20 people. And, you can sing with friends for one night in multifunctional hall.

12.jpg 13.jpg


The buddhist-style tourism is starting

Do not forget your vacuum cup

Put  dates and gojis in it

Have a warm buddhist-style trip with Paxton Vacances Hotels & Resorts Sakura

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