The Spring of Kangding

It is spring

Most cities have been decorated by colorful flowers

But in Kangding, spring has different scenery

On March, the snow view is fading



The florescence of Kangding is from April to July. If it snows in this period, there would be anuncommon view, flowers in the snow. Coming to Kangding to enjoy the romanticscenery.


Now,Yakang motorway  just needs 4 hours. Moreover, spending1.5 hours on the way from Yaan, 641 metres above sea level, to Kangding, 2560 metres, the pictures landscape along the way.



Azalea grows onthe high mountain more than 1000m to 3000m above sea level. The meaning of itis when azalea is blossoming, the love goddess is appearing. Kangding, thehomeland of love song, is romantic definitely.

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For various azaleabreeds, Mugecuo Qianpu Canyon has another name, Azalea Canyon. There are 8km wooden path, streams, and wild rohdodendron forest, in which, more than 20species of rhododendron blossom, such as Kangding azalea, rhododendronalbicans.

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The whole city isfilled by fragrance of azalea, which cause just as long as people stretch theirhands, they could touch tender petals. Sakura is also blossoming in Kangding.You cannot miss the special spring.

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Kangding is waiting for you with the love song

Suiton Plus by PaxtonKangding is waiting for you


Spring is coming. Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group picks out three popular tourist sites for you, which are Kangding, Xichang and Sanya, and create a new theme holiday way. From 1st March, as long as you check in any one of three Paxton hotels in those places, you can get a discount. Enjoy the tourist, enjoy the nature.


Suiton Plus by Paxton Kangding, a delicate hotel, uses ‘black, white and grey’ as the main design factor. The designer deeply dips the traditional culture of Kangding tea-horse road and culture brought by different mountains, and then ideally merges them with modern design. The brand concept, the elegance, is presented by close services, the transboundary restaurant, the reading room, the roof garden and the tea house. Additionally, from the hotel to the station, it takes only 4 minutes by car.



The promotion activity will be from 1st March to 31st December, which creates the best travel experience for you. During the period, after cheaks in any one of three Paxton hotels respectively in Kangding, Xichang and Sanya, the guest can receive two cash vouchers ( a voucher is worthing 100 Yuan and applicative for any room type,  also including breakfast) that can be used in others. Paxton hopes this activity can bring convenience for you.
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