Earth Hour | Let's Start Our 60+ Life with Paxton


Launched in Sydeney in 2007, Earth Hourproposed that families and companies cut off unnecessary electirc power for onehour at 20:30 on the last Saturday of March of each year (except this year, theactivity time is at 20:30 on March 24th) to remind people to reduceenergy consumption and take practical actions to deal with climate change. Thisyear is the 10th year of Earth Hour. With the massive socialinfluence, 2018 Earth Hour advocates and promotes ‘60+ life style’ to reducethe burden of the earth and create a sustainable future.

The one hour 

We cannot just turn off lights for 60 mintues

Watch the night sky 

Think about how to protect the fragile environment

Take action together

Promote green life style from daily life

Let our future being better


Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group always insists on implementing theprotection of the environment. In design and operation, green is one of themost important factors, which can lead customers to consume greenly and propagategreen consumption. Moreover, Paxton encourages staffs to contribute toenvironment protection, such as tree planting. 


Let us take action to create a low-carbon life together

Contribute to a better life 


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