President Ge Xiaosong Attended the 18th China Annual Management Conference and Delivered A Speech


On November 30th, the 18th China annual management conference was held in Beijing park hyatt hotel.Mr Xiao, director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council, deputy governor of the people's bank of China, the state administration of foreign exchange bureau chief pan gongsheng, China aerospace science and technology group Co., Ltd., chairman of Wu Yansheng, China telecom group company chairman Yang jie, CECEP Solar Energy Co., Ltd., chairman of hua-bin cao, its investment chairman Chen Hong, j.p. Morgan's China chief Executive chi-man leong, Westinghouse Asia Pacific President liu just, star group chairman GanLianFang entrepreneurs representatives attended the activity of today.Ge Xiaosong, President of GIO huaxing holding group, as a partner of this conference, was invited to attend and give an opening speech for the opening BBS.

After ten years of development, the top ten companies in global market value are basically occupied by technology giants. Apple, amazon, Google, Microsoft and other enterprises are still strong. Apple's market value exceeds 1 trillion dollars this year.High growth and huge growth prospects have given tech companies higher valuations.As the global economy enters the science and technology competition, what kind of technology companies does China need? Can Chinese technology companies compete with international technology giants?Can emerging tech companies lead China's economic curve?With such questions in mind, the theme of this annual management conference is "science and technology makes the future". It invites the leaders of major science and technology enterprises and dark horse enterprises in the new economy to jointly discuss how to use science and technology development to help China's economy move forward continuously.


President Ge Xiaosong Delivered A Speech in The Opening BBS

In the opening BBS, group President ge xiaosong first speech.He said that China's economy is shifting from high-speed growth to high-quality growth, and the mode of economic growth is shifting from traditional manufacturing and real estate industries to strategic emerging industries.As an industrial investment holding group, in recent years, in addition to investing in traditional industries such as culture, tourism, mineral resources, energy and real estate, GIO group is also actively expanding its investment in the field of science and technology. For example, it has set up an intelligent science and technology fund to lay out the fields of biological healthcare and intelligent manufacturing.Especially in agriculture, we have made great breakthroughs in selenium-rich agriculture and new straw materials, and we have cooperated with China national chemical corporation to develop environmental protection pesticide additives.

Under the current economic background, "technology" is not only the focus of capital, but also the focus of the whole market and even the whole society.Yet most of the new tech industries will struggle to generate revenues and profits in their infancy, and will require heavy investment and government subsidies.At present, many emerging technology industries in China are faced with the dilemma of huge investment scale, long return cycle and frequent policy changes.For investment institutions, the layout of the most growth of the technology industry is undoubtedly the most important investment strategy, but the capital hype in the past few years has caused some assets to be oversold and overvalued.At the same time, the backdrop of continued leverage makes investors more cautious.The emerging tech industry has its ups and downs, as entrepreneurs and investors navigate trends and track choices."Capital + technology" is not a simple addition. How to turn technology into an engine driving the continuous growth of enterprises is a very important proposition for entrepreneurs.


The theme "technology makes the future" BBS

Zhi-ping song, chairman of the BBS, China building materials group, China's energy conservation and environmental protection group chairman Liu Dashan, purple light group chairman wei-guo zhao, enn yu-suo wang, chairman of the board of the magazine of person of outstanding ability, shanshan holding zheng, chairman of the board and President li-xin song around the "scientific and technological achievements future" together they discussed the subject.


Song Zhiping, Chairman of China Building Materials Group

Song zhiping talked about the consideration of China building materials business choice, because the central enterprise scale is larger, so in the choice of business, it is necessary to choose a certain scale, development space.If the market is a small basin, the central enterprise is a big stone, it is very easy to break the basin."Central enterprise selection business must choose a big space, to be able to stretch out, can accommodate you, if it is a small industry, you will give private enterprises fierce competition, play head and blood, finally down also not too big scale.General small and medium-sized industries we do not do, central enterprises are not necessary to enter those industries.


Liu dashan, chairman of China energy conservation and environmental protection group

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, cecep hopes that its partners have a sense of mission, a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission and a corporate culture of acceptance, mutual tolerance and symbiosis."We're talking about restructuring," Mr. Liu said. "we all have the same goal, to make it stronger and bigger together."Liu Dashan, on the other hand, pointed out that the state of the platform must ensure the vitality of private companies, according to the listed company, according to the system of the state-owned assets supervision and requirements, may be the examination and approval procedures, the time required for a bit longer, efficiency may be lower, but this structure can ensure that restructuring mergers and acquisitions, everybody together, married, can live a happy life, life can have longer, people are more satisfied.


Zhao weiguo, chairman of Zi Guang group

Zhao weiguo said that there are three types of talents in the team: first, entrepreneurs born of guerrillas represented by zhao weiguo;Second, excellent cadres from state-owned enterprises and the government;Third, international expertise.The culture and growth of these three people are not the same, zhao weiguo said, not only the problem of bringing talent, but also how to work together.Therefore, the establishment of cross-cultural incentive mechanism, decision-making mechanism, employment mechanism, technology enterprises a very big challenge.


Wang yusuo, chairman of xinao group

"We have come so far, from a gas distributor to a pure natural gas industrial chain to the construction of an energy ecosystem in the future, really based on our love and sense of mission for the energy industry," wang said.Wang yusuo regrets.The second is to endure loneliness. Wang knows very well that there were too many opportunities and temptations in the past.The 3rd it is to have oneself core competition ability.He pointed out, "an enterprise needs to prosper the generation, generation reserves, r & d generation, otherwise the enterprise as a hundred years of longevity enterprises can not achieve."


Zheng Yonggang, Chairman of shanshan holdings


"You can't change The Times, you have to change yourself, how to adapt to such a new era.Zheng believes that under the new economic model, if you adapt while others are eliminated, you can be left behind.He said companies should focus on the core competitiveness, the rough type of enterprise, the kind of investment temptation has become the past, the future of the enterprise to focus on the core competitiveness, "so that may not only 2019, and even the longer term future there is hope for growth."

In the afternoon, President ge xiaosong also attended the "fintech innovation" closed-door BBS and "new technology new future" theme BBS, and discussed the topic of technological innovation with central enterprises and private entrepreneurs from all over the country.

In recent years, GIO huaxing holding group has actively laid out the fields of scientific and technological innovation, giving full play to its advantages in capital, resources and market experience, and has made remarkable achievements in agriculture, education, biological medicine, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.As President ge xiaosong said, science and technology determine the present and future of mankind, and capital will become the power behind science and technology.As the global economy enters the stage of science and technology competition, GIO huaxing holding group will focus on cultivating a group of emerging science and technology enterprises with high growth rate, high growth rate and high profitability to help China's economy take off.

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