brief Introduction of Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group

Group Introduction                                                          

Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group comes from French expression.“Paxton”, which is derived from Latin archaism, means “Easy to live”, and“Vacances” means “vacation” in French. The profound meaning of Paxton Vacances became Paxton's core concepts:“Natural”, “Partner”,“Elegance”, “Delicacy”, and “Unique”. As the slogan says - “By Your Side” - we will present you the most extraordinary experience.

Leader Introduction

Mr. Harry Hua,Paxton Hotel Management Group CEO,Brand Co-Founder of CenterParcs By Paxton.Executive vice President of Asia Pacific tourism federation,President of Thailand-China Travel Industry Connections Association in China,Trainee of the PAMS,association of French restaurant and hospitality industry (UMIH),Asia's TOP100 hotel influencer of the year 2018,Honorary member of hotel management academy, lausanne, Switzerland.


Group Vision

To be a Leading Hotel Management Group committed to Excellence Creation and Perfection.



Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group originated in France has four hotel brands, in China, including Paxton Vacances Hotels& Resorts, Paxton Park Hotels, Suiton Plus by Paxton, Centerparcs by Paxton, which covered the whole scope of hotel types; Vacation, Commercial, Apartment, and Unique luxury hotel.

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