Let's See the Most Beautiful Peach Blossoms with Suiton Plus by Paxton Linzhi

There are at least two impulses in life:

Once for the fall colors of Linzhi,

Once for the peach blossom of Linzhi.


March and April in nyingchi, the spring chill fades,

All over the mountains and plains of pink peach, open wanton publicity.


The ice and snow of midui glacier and nanfeng never melt,

Winding niyang river, all the way forward among the meadows,

Nanyigou grassland, curl smoke, as beautiful as oil painting.



It's the flower season again...

Let's go deep into the land of snow,

The peach blossoms, the deep valleys,

Majestic snowy peaks, blue lakes,

Villages, fields, yaks, sky road...


The most beautiful peach blossom land in the snow

NO 1:Gala Peach Blossom Village

Gala peach blossom village is the nearest flower spot to the city of nyingchi,

It is also the location of the opening ceremony of the main venue of the peach blossom festival every year.

The peach blossom here is the earliest opening place around the city of nyingchi.


Tens of thousands of peach blossom,

Hundreds of kilometers,

Pink flowers, green grass,

Blue sky, white clouds,

There are Tibetan houses scattered in the distance,

Idyllic and picturesque xanadu, here is the interpretation of the most incisively and vividly.

NO 2:Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyonis one of the most shocking peach blossom in nyingchi.

Whether you're heading for straightforward village on a mountain road that goes straight into the sky,

Or sonso village across the Brahmaputra river,

You can see the peak of namjagbarwa, the yarlung zangbo river and the endless peach trees.


In late March and early April, the yarlung zangbo grand canyon blossomed into a sea.

The entrance of yarlung zangbo grand canyon is the most beautiful peach blossom land of namjagbarwa peak.

The peach blossoms under the snow mountain are blooming thickly beside the river,

Shuttle among them, let a person as if place oneself fairyland.

NO 3:Bomi "Bodui Peach Blossom Valley"

Bomi "Bodui Peach Blossom Valley"the famous peach blossom ditch,

Has the largest area of peach forest in China.


In the spring, the green and yellow are linked together,

The mountain mist misty, especially beautiful.

A perfect combination of glacier, peach blossom and river,

With a pat, are the most beautiful picture.


Recommended Accommodation

In this peaceful highland town,

there is a quiet and comfortable place to rest,

---Suiton Plus by Paxton Linzhi


The brand Suiton Plus by Paxton is affiliated to the Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group. The site is located in the downtown area with convenient shopping, catering, entertainment and transportation environment. With exquisite decoration and warm service, it creates a personalized and free multi-dimensional social space and defines a new concept of urban life.


Suiton Plus by Paxton Linzhi is located in Tibet nyingchi city gongbu old street (folk customs pedestrian street intersection), the geographical position is superior.


The hotel has 109 deluxe rooms,

Spacious and concise Tibetan simple style timely fashion space design,

Comfortable sofa bed with family-style layout,

Let you experience the ultimate warmth and cozy.


A bowl of sweet tea, a cup of coffee,

Here the days are slow and the sun is warm.

Let the peach blossom flying in March and April add interest and warmth!


During the peach blossom tourism festival to Nyingchi,

Can also enjoy the national song and dance performances, xiangjian competition, a thousand pot zhuang.

Friends can make an appointment now.


Suiton Plus by Paxton Linzhi

Opening Soon in April


Warm Tips: in view of the popular degree of linzhi peach blossom festival, you'd better to book a room one month in advance, so as not to affect the journey to enjoy flowers.


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