Chiang Mai Ningman | The Most Popular Literary and Fashion Street for Young People


Chiang mai is an ancient cultural city with a long history.

Ningman road in Chiang mai is a gathering place of literature and fashion.

It has Thai restaurants, photo shoots and cafes.


Nimmanheamin Road,

as the most artistic and bourgeois place in Thailand,

What's the specialty here?

Here is an introduciton of grass for you!


Lane 1 to lane 17 of Ningman Road are all famous literary and art areas in Chiang mai.

There are many art shops, cafes, pubs and art and fashion shops.

Many are opened by artists and acting stars,

The atmosphere is so literary and artistic that it's perfect for taking pictures.


All kinds of cute and fashionable graffiti walls in the alley,

And then there's this big pink dog that's been burning the instagram,

You can't miss the photo op.



In the colourful streets of nimman, 

Enjoy taking pictures with your friends.


Ningman road is the highlight of the trip to Chiang mai,

"Shopping and eating" is the best way to experience ningman road.

Famous web celebrity dessert shops such as iBerry, Mango Tango and Ristr8to are here.


From meals, snacks, coffee to desserts,

There are always surprises on ningman road.


Find a restaurant, and ordering a cup of coffee,

Just don't live up to this wonderful trip.




Except teenix life,

Ningman road is also full of nightlife.


Whether it's the open-air bar on the top floor of MAYA,

or the warm-up bar on the 12th lane of ningman road,

It's where nightlife starts.


In addition to the beauty everywhere,

The ningman hotel is also a must-see experience,

This niche luxury hotel promises to make your day.



Centerparcs By Paxton Chiang Mai is the first hotel of CenterParcs. It is opened in May of 2019 in Chiangmai in Thailand. 


The hotel has 10 deluxe rooms/suites and 1 breakfast room.All rooms have a bathroom, mini bar, flat-screen TV, air conditioner, wardrobe, hair dryer, single sofa, free wi-fi, etc.The hotel also offers morning call service with Chinese language service.


With its excellent location, modern Provence style,it is really a great choice for travel. The hotel located in the main city of Chiangmai, adjacent to Maya Mall, NimmanPedestrian Street,and Central Department Store.


Select mini bar spots and soft drinks, luxury bath facilities, custom mattresses, a variety of functional pillow options, let you relax and have a perfect sleep.



If your trip is not limited to the temple, but want to sleep every day to wake up, and then get up to ningman road leisurely stroll to eat, then Chiang mai bai lizi ju hotel will be your perfect choice!


Address:Nimmanhaeminda Lane 7, Muangchiangmai,Chiang Mai Thailand

Tel:+66 0979232063


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