GIO Holding Group Will Invest and Operate CenterParcs by Paxton Demenrenli in Qingcheng Mountain

President of GIO Holding Group Mr. Xiaosong Ge, General Manager of Silk Road Huaxing Tourism Development Group Co. Ltd Mr. Renjie Bian, CEO of Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Mr. Harry Hua and their teams met with Mayor Mr.Weikai He, Deputy Mayor Ms. Lina Chen, Minister Mr. Xiaofeng Tang, Director of Business and Investment Promotion Bureau Mr.Zhongsheng Zhang of of Dujiangyan Government, Chairman Mr.Enjun Fu, General Manager Mr.Chengbin Gao,Vice General Manager Mr.Qi Zhang of Xingshi Group and the related government department heads in Dujiangyan on October 23, 2019. 


At the meeting, Mr. Xiaosong Ge introduced to Deputy Mayor Ms. Lina Chen and her delegation the development of GIO Holding Group in recent years, as well as its industrial layout in six sectors such as in agriculture, real estate, mineral energy, biological medicine, cultural tourism, industrial manufacturing etc.


Deputy Mayor Ms. Lina Chen, Minister Mr. Xiaofeng Tang, Director of Business and Investment Promotion Bureau Mr.Zhongsheng Zhang of of Dujiangyan Government,Executive Deputy Leader of the Preparatory Group Mr. Zhengli Zeng of Li Bing Cultural Creative Tourism Industry Area and Chairman Mr.Enjun Fu of Xingshi Group said at the meeting, as the world's tourist city, Dujiangyan, has irreproducible natural advantages and is livable resort in the eyes of tourists.The ancient Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project is known as "the Originator of the World Water Conservancy Culture". Qingcheng mountain is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism, backed by ,Min Mountain, and is also an important habitat for giant pandas, forming a unique "Mountain, Water, Taoism, Panda" cultural tourism brand.

In recent years, Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan Scenic Area has given full play to the driving role of the core scenic area, explored the mode suitable for the development of the whole region tourism, and vigorously promoted the transformation and development of sports, leisure tourism, ecological agriculture and beautiful village management, and worked out a new way of rural integration and rural complex construction.


Afterwards, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on how to conduct resource docking and integration, Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain Night Tour, Dujiangyan No. 2 Gate and cross-strait commercial building schemes. At the same time, the two sides had a full exchange of views on Xingshi Group's "Ziqidonglai" project at the front gate of Qingcheng Mountain to build CenterParcs by Paxton Demenrenli hotel project.Mr. Xiaosong Ge expressed great optimism about the cooperation and hoped that the two sides could take this project as the starting point, give full play to their respective advantages and help improve the development of local tourism complex.


After the meeting and the second day, the two sides visited Dujiangyan Lidui Park, Fulong Temple, Dujiangyan Elite Irrigation Healthcare Industrial Function Area and Li Bing Cultural Creative Tourism Industry Area.Li Bing Cultural Creative Tourism Industry Area belongs to "16 + 1" key industries of Chengdu to the movement of cultural creativity and tourism in the ecosystem industry ecosystem, adjacent to the world cultural heritage Dujiangyan scenic spot and the Qingcheng Mountain 5A scenic spot, the world nature heritage Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat, the world heritage Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, take the function of world tourism support.This functional area focuses on the development of cultural and creative amusement, theme park, healthcare vacation, medical and health industry, and is the core support for Dujiangyan to take the lead in building an international eco-tourism city.

Mr. Xiaosong Ge said that in the future, the two sides will also carry out deep, broad scope and multi-form project cooperation in Dujiangyan's leisure vacation, health care, science and technology agriculture and other areas, hoping to create greater economic benefits for Qingcheng Mountain Tourism Section.


CenterParcs by Paxton is a light luxury hotel brand jointly launched by Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group and GIO Holding Group. It has been committed to providing customers with a destination for leisure and comfortable vacation where they can pursue individuality, highlight tonality, experience comfort and pay tribute to regional culture.


Now GIO Holding Group will invest and operate CenterParcs by Paxton Demenrenli in Qingcheng Mountain, both parties will fully rely on Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain of its natural resources advantages, personalize the brand CenterParcs by Paxton together, accelerate the Qingcheng Mountain leisure tourism complex construction, promote green development level, help building the international ecological city and adding a new attraction to Qingcheng mountain hotel tourism.

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